When I heard these words, my imagination immediately went wild, afraid to explore what they really meant

My husband when he came home from the hospital ER. My photo: © Barbara Radisavljevic

I was nursing an unknown virus at home for the ninth day. My husband had left about 3 p.m. to take some letters to the post office and then swim at the gym. He was dressed for swimming.

As dusk approached, I thought he should have been home, but he often gets in conversations around the pool, so I wasn’t too concerned. When someone called claiming to be the Paso Robles Police, at first I thought it might be a solicitation. Now I wish that’s all it had been.

Instead, the officer told me my husband had fallen at the…

A complete index to my Medium posts organized by subject

Collage of the aspects of my life I write about
Collage of the aspects of my life I write about
Collage created by © Barbara Radisavljevic from her photos related to writing topics

Medium’s new profile design has made older evergreen articles harder to find. Who wants to scroll randomly down a profile to find a topic of interest? I’ve tried to make my profile easier to navigate by indexing my articles by category. Articles I like best are at the top part of each category.

As I organized this, I discovered that it’s hard to compartmentalize my life. My Christian worldview and faith permeate most articles because they influence how I view everything from relationships to nature. It was also hard to separate many of my articles about family and personal life…

Writing or editing versus publishing daily

Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

Dawn Bevier in a recent post disputes three bits of writing advice we find frequently in writing tips: Don’t use synonyms. Don’t write long sentences. Write and publish every day. I’m sure you’ve all read them somewhere. I agree with Dawn in questioning all three, but especially the advice to write and publish every day.

Writing is my side hustle. Most days I do it because I love to express myself. When I’m not in the mood to write I do it for brain exercise. I do some form of writing every day, but I don’t publish something every day…

A sign in the sky that the end of the pandemic is in sight? Author photo © Barbara Radisavljevic, an extra photo on Day 4


One April week of California Red Tier Life in 2021

My photo opportunities have been limited by pandemic restrictions, but they allow more freedom now. I took most of these photos in my own neighborhood. Recent rains revived the weeds in my garden just as spring made the flowers burst into bloom. I took this photo next to my walkway to the house on Day 1.

Writing challenges are a great way to jumpstart a new blog if you survive the experience. I did this challenge in 2015 for two blogs the same month and almost burned out. It did boost traffic on those Blogger blogs and got the new one off to a very good start. It still gets more traffic than my other blogs. But I did this challenge as part of a group and we helped each other out by reading the posts of others in the group.

I might try this again if my schedule ever becomes more predictable, but I can't…

Remove what’s blocking the light or hide in a larger shadow

Shadows Across the Charolais Corridor Trail in Paso Robles, California with a long gray thundercloud
Shadows Across the Charolais Corridor Trail in Paso Robles, California with a long gray thundercloud
Shadows Across My Path, © Barbara Radisavljevic

Shadows darken some of the happiness in our lives. They may be shadows of divorce, bereavement, illness, pain, unresolved conflicts, decisions to be made, unfinished tasks, or financial troubles. Maybe there is some other shadow dimming your peace and joy in life. Maybe you are walking through many shadows at once. Most of us are.

As I face this new year, I’m walking through shadows everywhere. With the Covid pandemic spreading and a new strain surfacing in my state, the shadow of death is never far away. My husband and I are both over 75.

We have an unresolved problem…

Is your idea of Christmas secular, religious, or just confused?

Lighted House, © Barbara Radisavljevic

Some think Christmas is only a season filled with lights, a season when people try to treat each other more kindly, a season when they give more than usual to others. Some see it primarily as a time to celebrate the coming of Christ to show earth’s people what God is like and to save them from their sins. Some think it’s simply a time to nurture family traditions.

Those traditions often include decorating inside and out. It’s when the family Christmas tree goes up inside and yard decorations go up outside. Those decorations may have secular or religious themes…

Here’s how to care for them indoors and outside

Poinsettia Arrangement in Motel Lobby, © Barbara Radisavljevic

Poinsettias Are Popular for Decorating Outside

When I was growing up, we had a poinsettia plant near our back door. My mom didn’t like it. Maybe it was because of the sticky white sap that dripped when she cut the “flowers” off to bring them in for December flower arrangements. Some people believe the sap is poisonous. My mom said it was. Actually, it usually just irritates the skin.

Here on the California Central Coast, we can put poinsettias and sunflowers together outside at the same time, as long as there is no frost. …

Inflatable Christmas Yard Decorations, Author Photo,© Barbara Radisavljevic

Plants bees love from late summer to late winter

Bee on yarrow, seen on a walk. Author photo, © Barbara Radisavljevic

Almost everyone knows that without bees it would be hard for people to survive. Crops would not be pollinated. That’s why we should do all we can to help bees thrive by using our gardens to help supply what they need during autumn and winter.`

In October 2014 I attended a talk by Anna Rempel at the Golden Oaks Honey Festival in Paso Robles. The topic was how to landscape to help the bees survive the cold season when much of their forage disappears.

She encouraged us to plant bee-friendly herbs, flowers, shrubs, and trees in our yards. We should…

Barbara Radisavljevic

Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 56 years. Central Coast of California. https://barbrad.com

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