How I Multiply the Results of My Blogging Efforts

Now I don’t have to neglect my own blogs to find time to post to Medium

Too Much on Your Blogging Plate?

That’s been my situation since joining Medium. I wanted to write as often as possible for Medium to get off to a good start after coming back in February. However, I already had several blogs of my own and was a regular contributor to a group blog. I got farther and farther behind on my own blogs. Then last month I found a solution.

I knew I could import blog posts into Medium. But affiliate and other self-promotional links that I often put in blog posts to monetize them aren’t allowed here. Also, I didn't want to import evergreen posts that were published many months ago. Their original publication dates would bury them at the end of my profile list under newer posts. It would be hard for them to attract eyeballs. So I decided to start importing new posts I write for my blogs.

My Importing Strategy

At the end of June, I wrote two new blog posts, each for a different blog. I did not put affiliate links in either of them. I used the same technique for each.

  • I published the “bare” version in my blog.
  • I imported the draft into Medium.
  • I edited the original blog post to include the affiliate links.
  • I updated the blog post and started to promote the edited post.
  • I edited my Medium draft of the post to ready it for publication.
  • I submitted to it to an appropriate Medium publication.

When I edited the posts for Medium I changed the title of one of them from the original title so that it would appeal to a wider audience. You can see the link to the originals at the bottom of imported posts to compare. I changed the title on this one.

On the one below, I retained the title and added a subtitle. I was overjoyed when it was quickly curated.

How I Will Use This Strategy Going Forward

Now that I know that an imported article can be curated, I will import more. But my blogging strategy will be to write evergreen posts that will also appeal to certain publications on Medium. I realize most of them will not be curated, but I hope if I target them to the right publications people will read them. The important thing is getting eyeballs to our posts.

Sometimes to prepare an imported article for use on a Medium publication I will need to make changes. I might change the title or add a subtitle. Then I remove anything that’s against the rules of the Medium Partner Program. I also may want to change some of the wording, the size of the image or even the image itself.

The imported post will need to fit whatever guidelines the target publication has in place, and my original post may not adhere to those. I want to make sure that each post I publish on Medium conforms to all guidelines and rules. That’s why I proofread and tweak the imported drafts before I publish on Medium.

Give My Strategy a Try

If you are an overwhelmed blogger, this strategy just might be your answer. Of course, you can’t expect to import every blog post you write, but there may be posts you can get to do double duty. I’m going to use this strategy more so that I don’t have to neglect my other blogs to keep writing for Medium. Give it a try and see what happens. If you’ve already tried importing your blog posts, do you use the same strategy or have you developed a different one?

Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 54 years. Central Coast of California.

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