I totally agree, and now Facebook is doing it, too. I don’t see the point. One can already share videos in the regular timeline feeds. I rarely watch the stories on either network. I watch some of the ones from a German woman simply because I can listen to her German and try to understand it.

I honestly don’t understand the values of stories except to those promoting a product. I think videos are the “in” thing now and that many people don’t read anymore so they must have videos to keep people coming to these networks. I can read much faster than I can watch, and I probably miss a lot of good information because I don’t have time to watch videos and listen to podcasts. If there’s not a text version, I’m gone.

I guess I’m an almost extinct species of dinosaur. But think of how much one can write in the time it would take to produce a “story.”

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Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 54 years. Central Coast of California. https://barbrad.com

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