When I’m not writing, I’m often in my garden. Personal collection, taken in 2013.

My Mental Picture of a Writer

It’s not this:

An image of a writer, especially a well-known, prestigious one, could potentially be pictured as a white man over his 40s that smokes, survives with the bottle of whiskey on his table, and scattered notes and papers all over his typewriter. Sude Hammal

I picture someone quite different, someone more like me and the writers I read: mostly over forty, man or woman of any color, sitting in front of a computer, drinking coffee. Only a few write books. Most blog.

They also read, garden, pray, cook, hike, create art, or spend time with family. Some have day jobs. They sometimes even sleep. Is that you?

How do you picture a writer? That’s me at the top. When I’m not writing

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