Of Cabbages and Kings, and Many Other Things

A complete index to my Medium posts organized by subject

Collage created by © Barbara Radisavljevic from her photos related to writing topics

Medium’s new profile design has made older evergreen articles harder to find. Who wants to scroll randomly down a profile to find a topic of interest? I’ve tried to make my profile easier to navigate by indexing my articles by category. Articles I like best are at the top part of each category.

As I organized this, I discovered that it’s hard to compartmentalize my life. My Christian worldview and faith permeate most articles because they influence how I view everything from relationships to nature. It was also hard to separate many of my articles about family and personal life from grief and bereavement. I’ve tried to put them where the primary focus is, but they are often intertwined.

Here are the main categories in the order they are listed:

  • Inspiration for life: brief general inspirational articles that are not specifically tied to any one religion.
  • My Christian Faith and Life: Articles that focus primarily on what I believe and/or how it affects my everyday life
  • Life and Death: Focuses on personal experiences with end of life issues, bereavement, grief, suicide, and death of my children, extended family, and friends
  • Life with Friends and Family: Daily home life, homeschooling, and non-business relationships with others. Includes cooking and other household routines
  • Writing Life: Anything primarily to do with my writing life, experiences, platforms, blogging, and writing tips
  • Life Outside: Focuses on gardening experiences, and the natural world I encounter on my walks
  • Reading Life: What I read on a number of topics and what I think about it
  • Life with Animals: Includes domesticated animals, primarily cats, who have touched my life, wild animals, and creepy crawlies I have observed in or around my neighborhood.
  • Life Online: My experiences in the world of social media and website creation
  • Life with My Camera: Photos and photo essays related to anything, including travel.
  • Business Life: Articles related to finances, making a living, retail, being a landlord, or selling books online
  • Civic Life: Articles related to politics and volunteering in my community
  • Poetry: A genre I only occasionally dabble in now.

Inspiration for life

My Christian faith and life

Life and death: grief, bereavement, and end of life issues

Life with friends and family: marriage, personal life and relationships

Writing life

Life outside: nature and garden

Reading life

Life with animals: domesticated, wild, and creepy crawlies

Life online

Life with my camera: photo essays from home and on the road

Business life: bookselling, landlording, retail, and personal finance

Masked life: the COVID -19 pandemic

Civic life


Poems are short and most of mine are very personal. That’s why I’ve included explanatory introductions on some of them.

Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 56 years. Central Coast of California. https://barbrad.com

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