We've never been wealthy enough to stay in motels when we are close to family or friends we can stay with, so we've had a lot of practice adjusting. Motels do offer privacy and independence, but even they require adjustment from how you might live at home.

I've had only one really bad experience staying in a family member's home, and that was a time when no one in his family was there except his son, who was traveling with me. That was the only time things were so bad we had to leave and stay with my mom, who rented a cot for my friend who was traveling with us. We had actually felt we might be in physical danger. It was a work trip.

Normally, even if we don't enjoy all the comforts and independence of home, we appreciate the hospitality of those who invite us to stay with them. and have had some opportunities to make new friends on such trips.

Christian, bereaved adoptive mom, blogger, amateur nature photographer, voracious reader. Married 54 years. Central Coast of California. https://barbrad.com

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